All You Need to Know about the Ferrari Club of America

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Ferrari owners belong to an exclusive group.

The luxury vehicle brand produces approximately 8,000 cars per year. In fact, Ferrari has made fewer than 150,000 cars since the release of its first car, the 125 S, in 1947. In stark contrast, Hyundai, which mass produces economy road cars, manufactured nearly 8 million vehicles in 2016 alone. Beyond the distinction of simply owning a luxury automobile like a Ferrari, owners can join one of the 45 Ferrari Owners Clubs worldwide. To date, there are more than 14,000 members throughout more than 40 countries, including Austria, Japan, Finland, and South Africa. The lone organization in North America is the Ferrari Club of America (FCA).

World’s Largest Ferrari Club

With more than 6,500 members, the FCA is the largest Ferrari Owners Club in the world. It has 16 active regions and 51 chapters across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Florida has the largest contingent of Ferrari chapters in the FCA with eight active chapters, while most other chapters are broken up into regions rather than state or province. For example, Canadian provinces with FCA chapters, such as British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec, are grouped into Canada East or Western Canada regions.

The FCA was founded in 1962 by a group of Ferrari enthusiasts, including Larry Nicklin, Dick Merritt, and John Delamater. The group initially gathered at Nicklin’s home in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on November 19 to discuss the merits of establishing a Ferrari club. Other attendees at that first meeting included John Lundin, Ken Hutchison, and Gerry Sutterfield. Lundin served as the FCA’s first-ever president, while Delamater served as vice president.

The FCA was incorporated in 1963 and it began publishing its magazine, Prancing Horse, the following year. The two-page newsletter was mailed to 39 members; today, Prancing Horse is a full-color magazine that includes feature articles, summaries of regional FCA events, and Ferrari racing coverage.

National and Regional Events

FCA chapters host numerous events per year, some of which draw Ferrari owners from across North America. These include Mecum Auctions, with 2019 events set for Las Vegas, Chicago, and Kansas City, as well as Ferrari Challenge races.

The FCA will host its fourth annual Car Guy Tour September 22-October 3, 2019. The 11-day trip to Italy includes visits to Milan, Modena, and Turin to check out the country’s premier car factories and restoration shops in addition to design houses and museums.

Other events hosted by local FCA chapters range from breakfast and dinner receptions to ladies’ social events and downtown festivals.

The Ferrari Club of America Annual Experience

The FCA Annual Experience is the club’s premier national event. The multi-day event, which has been held in a major North American city every year since 1964, is highlighted by the North American Field and Driving Concours. Regarded as one of the world’s preeminent annual gatherings for Ferrari owners, the Concours involves the display and judging of Ferraris by age and type. Vehicles are awarded for their condition, originality, and authenticity in accordance with IAC/PFA standards. Other awards include the FCA National Classic Preservation Award and the Ed Gilbertson Award, the latter of which was established by the Pacific Region to recognize club members who frequently drive their Ferrari.

The FCA Annual Experience also includes a competitive rally, pleasure rally, driver development event, and several technical seminars. The 2019 FCA Annual Experience is set for November 6-10 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Guests will stay at the Doubletree Resort and attend a cocktail party at the Penske Racing Museum. They will also complete group drives to well-known Arizona destination such as the Grand Canyon and Kartchner Caverns. There will be available track time at the Apex Motor Club, as well. The 2020 and 2021 FCA Annual Experience will take place in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec (Canada) and Portland, Oregon, respectively.

Ferrari Club of America Member Benefits

Members are permitted to attend events hosted by any of the 51 chapters across the continent in addition to the FCA Annual Experience. However, membership carries several other benefits than just event entry. Members also receive a monthly national newsletter, quarterly edition of Prancing Horse, and access to a technical forum in which other members can provide assistance with Ferrari-related questions. In the past, FCA members have also earned access to exclusive Ferrari factory events and Formula-1 test sessions.

Discounts are also a major benefit of FCA membership. Members receive a 20 percent discount on merchandise at the Ferrari Store at the Ferrari Factory in Maranello. Also members receive a 10 percent discount on labor and parts at Ferrari dealerships in the US and Canada. Hagerty Insurance and Auto Europe, among other companies, also offer discounts to FCA members.

Membership costs $150 for one year with slight discounts offered for multi-year sign-ups; a 5-year membership, for instance, costs $725.

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